Crawl Space Vents

foundation vent


(4” deep Extruded Aluminum)

exterior vents


(1-1/2” deep w/1" front flange Extruded Aluminum)

foundation vents


(4” deep Cast Aluminum)

Crawl space vents from Sunvent Industries – quality design and construction

Crawl space ventilation isn’t just a good idea – it’s been part of the international residential code since 2003 – with a few exceptions for climate conditions. The fact is, proper crawlspace ventilation has been a challenging mystery for homeowners – and builders – for decades. The proper ventilation of a crawl space diminishes the accumulation of mold and moisture that can wreak havoc on the wood and insulation under a home.

Our crawl space vents allow for positive airflow year round to help protect your crawlspace from mold and moisture issues. Our crawl space vents allow for positive airflow in the warmer months.

Crawl space vents minimize moisture and the damage it can cause, but there’s more to vents than just airflow...

Crawl space vents aren’t just good at reducing moisture and moisture-related damage – crawl space vents also:

  • Reduces moisture under structures
  • Keeps small animal, insects and reptiles out

Over 18 million homes in the United States have crawl spaces. Without some sort of ventilation, each of these homeowners faces the possibility of moisture accumulation and the potential for the damage it can create – not to mention the possibility of damp rot, insect infestations, small animal infestations and more.

Buy high-quality and custom crawl space vents from Sunvent Industries and see the difference our products make

Our crawl space vents are manufactured from high-grade materials and precision-engineered for a long service life beneath your home. With numerous styles and colors to choose from, there’s a perfect crawl space vent for your needs in our Sunvent Industries catalog.

Stop taking chances with your crawl space today. Install top-quality crawl space vents from Sunvent Industries and see the difference a secure and moisture-free crawl space can make for your home-ownership. Crawl space vents are an easy and affordable way to protect and add beauty to your home.