"EX" Extruded Aluminum Vents


1) You may mortar vents in place around the perimeter of the box of vent for vents under 30" wide.

2) You may bolt the vent in place from the rear using proper fasteners for the type of wall you are fastening into and then caulk around the outside perimeter of vent for any size vent.

3) Clip angles may also be fastened along the jamb sections and then the clips may be fastened to the interior wall. Caulking should be used around the outside perimeter of vent. (Clips are not provided by Sunvent)

If the vent is being using in an exterior application, caulking of the sill and jamb sections is recommended

Please keep in mind, any installation method using caulk ONLY, will not hold up for an indefinite period of time. Caulking will break down eventually, and therefore will need to be re-applied again as the material breaks down.

Sylro Sales Corporation, does not take any responsibility for installation materials used to fasten vents in place, nor takes any responsibility for installer’s workmanship.