"FL" Extruded Aluminum Vents


Sylro Sales Corporation recommends any one or combination of the following methods of installation of our Model "FL" style vent:

1) You may bolt through the front flange into the wall on two sides or all four sides of flange using the proper bolts and sinkers for the type of construction you are fastening to. This method is the recommended method of installation. (Holes in the front flange are not provided by Sunvent)

2) You may caulk in place a vent 30" wide or larger (*See note below.)

3) You may mortar vents in place around the perimeter of the box of vent for vents under 30" wide

4) You may use clip angles attached to the box of the vent and fasten part of clip to the building using the proper anchoring devices for the type of construction you are fastening to. (Clips are not provided by Sunvent.)

5) You may secure vent directly to the ductwork using mechanical fasteners prior to the installation of the duct.

If the vent is being using in an exterior application, caulking of the sill and jamb sections is recommended. Also, after installation, the outside perimeter of the flange should be caulked around to prevent water from seeping behind the flange.

Note: Please keep in mind, any installation method using caulk ONLY, will not hold up for an indefinite period of time. Caulking will break down eventually, and therefore will to be re-applied again as the material breaks down.

Sylro Sales Corporation, does not take any responsibility for installation materials used to fasten vents in place, nor takes any responsibility for installer’s workmanship.