Extruded Aluminum Vents


4" Deep Channel
Frame Vent


  • Available in any special size to suit any job design
  • All extruded sections
  • Minimum .125” thickness
  • 1" deep overlapping blade
  • 204-R1 Clear Anodized finish standard
  • Made in any length up to 8 ft. without front mullions-continous blade effect
  • Continuous weepage on bottom
  • Overlapping blades
  • All blades at 45 degrees

Sunvent ”EX” Extruded Vents are the answer where a fine finish is a requisite, where a superior vent is required at a minimum cost. The vents are designed with a deep louvered overlapping blade, the blade itself has a storm stop at the rear, with a high waterstop at the rear of vent.

Front View

Rear View

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